Virtual Birdfair 18th-23rd August 2020

The name Viking Optical has been synonymous with Birdfair for the past 16 iterations of this world-famous event and proudly so!

It was with great sadness and disappointment we learned the fateful news that this wonderful event would have to be cancelled due to the terrible pandemic.

Funding for conservation has suffered very badly during the subsequent lockdown and it is very heartening to see that the Birdfair will indeed go ahead albeit in Virtual form!

We must applaud the organisers for making a Birdfair which will be recognisable for its mix of inspirational talks, exhibitors from exotic birding destinations and array of vendors selling any and all types of birding associated paraphernalia you care to mention!

We’re sure you’ll join is in making this a great success and look forward to renewing old friendships and making new ones in 2021!

Viking and Birdfair

We are pleased to have been a Birdfair Sponsor for the past 17 years and in that time have donated more than £250,000 towards the various Birdlife International projects.  We have also made a substantial donation to Birdlife International to assist with the conservation of two endangered species: the Seychelles Paradise Flycatcher and the Indian Forest Owlet.