Once you have your scope or binoculars then it’s important to look after your purchase by keeping it in pristine order and most importantly making sure the optics are clean.  We offer a range of cleaning products as well as cases which offer carrying convenience as well as additional protection.  We also offer a range of strap upgrades, some benefiting from quick release straps so you have the option to remove the binocular from the strap when in use.  We also offer binocular, scope and tripod carrying systems if you find it a strain to carry your optics when out for longer periods of time.

Cleaning Kits

Professional • Standard

Taking care of your Binoculars and Telescope will ensure that they remain as good as new for many years.  We offer a variety of cleaning products as well as our great value Professional Cleaning Kit.

Binocular Straps

Compact • Full Size • Quick Release

Suitable for any binocular or camera, with its thick section neoprene construction it offers great comfort for any duration of use. The quick release buckle means that the binocular / camera can be removed with ease when not required or equipment changed quickly.

Camera Phone Adaptor

Easy to use

The new smartphone adaptor is a quick and easy to use adaptor ideal for capturing images with almost any model of smartphone.

Binocular Support Harness

Superior Comfort

A strap system, offering extreme comfort when carrying binoculars. The ingeniuosly designed straps cross over at the back in-between the shoulder blades and fit under the arms to attach to the binoculars at stomach or chest height, depending on preference.

L Clamp

Roof Prism

The Viking universal binocular L clamp, is made to a high standard from aluminium. It can support a wide variety of different size binoculars from standard size to heavier astronomy grade optics.


Small • Large

Universal binocular rainguards, available for either roof or porro prism binocular styles are protective covers designed to protect binocular eyepieces.

Cleaning Cloths

Large • Small

Micro fibre cleaning cloths available in two sizes.  Ideal for use with a wide variety of different devices from camera lenses and binoculars to tablets and even monitor screens.

Tripod S'Port

New and improved!

The new generation of Viking Tripod S’port has been designed to enable the effortless carrying of a Telescope and tripod whilst you are out bird watching.

Tripod Straps

Neoprene • Fabric

The heavy duty tripod strap features a wide and strong neoprene strap as well as reinforced nylon fastenings, it is capable of carrying tripods of all different shapes and weights. The soft neoprene makes the strap comfortable on the shoulder and thanks to its wide width, distributes the weight of the tripod evenly for easy transport.


Quick & Easy Support

Black anodized aluminium 4 section monopod featuring foam rubber grip, wrist strap, quick release leg lock system with a retractable spiked rubber foot.  Ideal support for cameras or small telescopes.

Universal Hide Clamp

Support where you need it

A universal hide clamp from Viking including 4 shims in order to offer great flexibility to fit removable centre columns from various tripods.  With this kit however you have all you need to start using your scope or video equipment in a hide or locations where a flat surface could be used.